Week #6 College Football ViewPoint: What to Watch For

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Week #5 saw enough points put up to officially that defenses have been put on notice.  Teams are scoring at a record pace this season, and so far the defenses have been unable to keep up!  College football has turned into a high-scoring, fast-paced game, and if you aren’t able to keep up, then you are going to get knocked off real quick.

In fact, this past week Nick Saban, head coach of the #1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, thinks that the speed with which offenses get up to the ball and snap it, is presenting a possible safety issue for defenses since they can’t substitute.  Of course this is all rhetoric since the offense has to play the same number of plays the defense does.  Saban is just looking for a way to slow down these teams!  Or, could he be thinking down the road to a possible Alabama-Oregon showdown for the national title?  No one is going to accuse Saban of running an offense as frenetic as Marshall (who leads FBS in plays run from scrimmage), or Arizona, or even Oregon for that matter.

College football is all about finding the right gimmick and making it work.  In the NFL, the Miami Dolphins first used the “Wildcat” offense against the New England Patriots, it worked, and now every team seemingly has a version of the “Wildcat” package in their repertoire.  Tim Tebow has made a very nice living off such a package!

In college football, the spread offense or even the read-option offense has become the “new thing” for many coaches.  The more they can spread out the defenses, force the linebackers into coverage against a faster and/or bigger receiver, and allow the offensive skill players to play in space, the better chance they have to score – and score they have!  There are currently 6 teams that through 5 or 6 games are scoring an average of over 50 pts per game.  There are 112 of the 124 FBS schools that average scoring 20 points or more per game.

The offenses will always have the advantage, the defenses are constantly playing catch-up.  Eventually, the defenses will figure out a way to defend all the spread offenses, and the offensive coordinators will have to devise a new scheme, and I’m sure they will!  Until that time, college football nation is going to have to adjust and get used to new forms of a spread or read-option offense as they are the offenses of the 21st century, thus far.

As we turn the calendar to October we move on to the week 6 slate, it brings us another set of dandy football games to watch.  There are five games featuring two ranked teams, plus a few other exciting games involving one ranked team and another perched, waiting for a chance to break into the top-25.  It ought to be another fun and wild weekend around the college football country.

For full disclosure, lets see how my “prime-3″ picks did from last week as well as my “extra Points” picks.  My “prime-3″ games let myself and a lot of other people down last week, as I went 0-3.  Those 3 losses dropped my yearly record in “prime-3″ games to 5-10 ATS and 6-9 SU.  My “Extra Points” picks were 8-11-1 for the week, running my yearly total to 31-26-1.  As always…I’ll try and do better this week!

In this week’s installments of the “Prime-3″, I am going to focus on two of the biggest games in the SEC this year.  The first game, #5 Georgia Bulldogs traveling to the “Cock Pit” to take on the #6 South Carolina Gamecocks.  In the second game, I am going to delve into the clash on the banks of the Olentangy between the #12 Ohio State Buckeyes and the #20 Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Finally, I am going to return to the SEC to look at a major cross-over game between #4 LSU of the SEC West traveling to “The Swamp” to do battle with #10 Florida Gators of the SEC East.

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