Evil Bill O’Brien’s Weekly Pick Six To Go – Week 6

Death, Taxes, Evil Bill 4-2 and hitting the upset special.  I picked Michigan State to beat OSU, which lost, but I didn’t predict a juvenile dispute between the 2 childish coaches.  Also, I now know what it is like to be a Michigan fan after being let down by Rich Rodriguez vs. Oregon State.

I was planning on writing an article about how bad Tim Beckman’s coaching was, but that article would be longer than War & Peace.  Instead, I will try to keep this as short as that handshake after PSU cleaned that poachers clock.. ok, can’t be that short.

West Virginia (+7) at Texas

Everyone is anointing Dana Holgorson a genius after that 70 point effort vs. Baylor.  2 things, (1) PSU would have scored 71 with the O’Brien offense and (2) that defense was a disgrace.  That makes those old Michigan defenses under Rich Rod look like the 1985 Bears.  Texas’ QB looked solid down the stretch vs. Okie State and WVU will crumble on the road.

Texas 45 WVU 39

Miami (+12.5) at Notre Dame

Al Golden has the Miami Hurricanes playing pretty good in front of 35 people per game.  We all know Notre Dame is playing well and as much as it pains me, ND will win again.   The reasoning, there is still a large group of people that prefer Golden over BOB and I like those people to be reminded how stupid they are.

Notre Dame 28 Miami 16

Nebraska (+3) at Ohio State

Nebraska had an impressive comeback vs. Wisconsin.  The problem with that is, they were getting beat pretty soundly by a poorly coached, in over his head, Bert Bielema team.  Ohio State and their petty video doctoring staff will pull out another snoozer on Saturday.

Ohio State 20 Nebraska 16

Georgia (+1.5) at South Carolina

Mark Richt has lost control of this point spread.  Spurrier is up to his old tricks trying to get writer Ron Morris fired for some criticism he threw at the ol Ball Coach. A local TV station ended their relationship with Morris to appease Spurrier.  Remember, it is Penn State with the culture program.  Whatever, this game will be decent.

South Carolina 22 Georgia 17

Oklahoma (-5.5) at Texas Tech

Texas Tech is a dangerous game for Big Game Loss Bob, but Oklahoma is coming off a bye and should be able to win.  Oklahoma will survive a few miscues on special teams by a Emmert Transfer and hang on to beat the Red Raiders.

Oklahoma 33 Texas Tech 24

Upset Special

LSU (-2.5) at Florida

Sekrah predicted Les Miles would be coaching Penn State back in January.  He was a fraud and was wrong as predicted.  Florida is an interesting team becaue it is tough to gauge if they are good or not.  Evil Bill has predicted them to lose twice, so now I have jumped over to their side and they will hand the Mad Hatter a huge loss.

Florida 23 LSU 16

Season Record 21-9 (3-2 on Upset Specials)
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