Twitter Tuesday: Laugh at Illinois Edition

Over the summer, Illinois sent most of it’s staff to State College in an attempt to recruit Penn State players. While the trip wasn’t very successful, it did create animosity between Penn Staters and the Fighting Illini. With all of the forced rivalries in college football, Illinois did a fine job of manufacturing one of their own in short time.

Here’s a look at some twitter feedback from the game!

In fairness, that’s just what we think Lou said…  


One could argue that losing the last 6 in 2011, then firing Zook before giving up 50 at home to Louisiana Tech are all low points in the running, but point taken.  


They stand out in a crowd! Or in an empty stadium, in this case.


If this were math class, you would get half credit. Your answer is right, but the work used to achieve it is flawed.


Was that the case? Two flags and an ejection certainly came across as strange.



Technically, it was like they TRIED to steal something…


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