Week #4 College Football ViewPoint: What to Watch For

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The college football season is like a caterpillar in a cocoon, over time it undergoes a metamorphosis where a transformation to a beautiful butterfly occurs.  After time elapses it finally emerges, colorful and majestic.

OK, perhaps a bit too much biology for a college football blog but college football teams are pretty much the same way – they may look ugly in the beginning, but given a chance to change and evolve, some become beautiful and majestic.  Most of us had teams like Notre Dame, UCLA, Florida, Arizona, etc… outside of the top-25 with not much chance of breaking into it.  Of course the season is still young, but these teams may have exceeded our expectations, but not their own.

As always, before we look ahead to this week’s match-ups, we will take a quick look back at how my picks made out.  Last week in my “prime-3″ I was 1-2 ATS and 0-3 SU.  On the year I am 3-6 while SU I am 4-5.  Last week I failed to let you know how my “Extra Points” picks made out.  For the games of week #2 I was 5-3 ATS and last week, week #3, I was 8-3 ATS.  For the season, my “Extra Points” picks have kept me afloat, I am 13-6.  As always, I will go to work and try and do better!

In this week’s installment of the “prime-3″ games, I have chosen 3 games that will alter the landscape of college football based on who wins or loses the game.  There were many choices from which to pick, but in the end I chose “#15 Kansas State at #6 Oklahoma, #10 Clemson at #4 Florida State, and #22 Arizona at #3 Oregon.

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  • http://twitter.com/TimTolleyFS Tim Tolley

    I love this part of the season when we start to learn who was overrated coming out of summer. Somebody is getting exposed this week! Clemson? Oklahoma?

    • http://twitter.com/realhuntdog23 Corey Hunter

      Clemson seems to always disappoint or come up short in these big games, Florida State is going to show that they are for real…again this year! Oklahoma is a pretender IMO, but they will be better than Kansas State. I want to see Notre Dame play agaisnt Robinson, and I really am looking forward to the track meet out in Quack land. It should be fun! Thanks for the comments!