Five Random Thoughts-Virginia Edition

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Once I picked myself up off the floor following Saturday’s 17-16 defeat against Virginia, I found myself with a few random thoughts on the game, and where the Nittany Lions go from here.  Here are five of them (Blue Kool Aid sold separately)

Steven Bench Should Get More Touches

The true freshman from Georgia was forced into action late in the first half after McGloin took a couple of shots to his right elbow.  Here at VBR, we were not surprised.  For one, we had been hearing Bench would be the guy should McGloin come out in a close game due to injury.  Two, Bill O’Brien mentioned early in camp that Bench was pushing Paul Jones for the backup spot.

Bench showed flashes (opening snap sack not included) of his talent  His passing still needs time and more reps, as he was fortunate to not be picked off on a couple of throws, but the talent and grasp of the offense was there.  What stood out most to be was his ability to run the ball.  As PSU continues to struggle to find ways to make plays, Bench’s ability to run the ball, while still providing a passing threat, could be an asset going forward.  Bench won’t be confused for Michael Robinson or Daryll Clark, but he can be a threat to tuck in and run.

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