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Evil Bill's Weekly Pick Six to Go

The Ultimate Machine in the background refers to me.

Well, let’s face it, I hope only one team wins this week and the rest of the teams lose. Since that can’t happen, I will provide you my weekly picks in an effort to prove how smart I really am. These picks are all correct, but if you pick them, you risk jinxing them and I will no longer be held responsible for picks that do not win.

Navy vs. Notre Dame

A game featuring one of the most storied programs in the country with past Heisman winners vs. another team that will sellout at every chance under the guidance of Adidas. Let me ask, how low must Notre Dame stoop to get wins? Taking the Naval Academy off of US soil just to get a win. Enjoy one of the 7 you’ll get this year, ND.

Notre Dame 23 Navy 7

Clemson vs. Auburn

The amount or orange on this field will make it look like a construction zone on the PA Turnpike. Scapegoat Ted Roof is gone from Auburn and after this game, they will find a new one.

Clemson 29 Auburn 27

South Carolina at Vanderbilt

James Franklin is the new media darling of coaches. The video of him awarding the scholarship was pretty cool and I have to respect a man that Randy Edsall seems to not like. Regardless, I respect Spurrier more and if someone wants to send a message in week 1 vs. an upstart team, it’s the Ol’ Ball Coach.

South Carolina 33 Vanderbilt 24

Boise State at Michigan State

Since Michigan State gets to avoid PSU this year, they decided to take on a lesser, but somewhat formidable team in Boise State. I’m not B1G apologist, but I think MSU wins this rather easy. Delany will think the conference is great for about 24 hours.

Michigan State 22 Boise State 10

Alabama vs. Michigan

No word yet if Fitz Toussaint is going to play, but I am sure perennial loser and B1G Commish Jim Delany is fighting for him to play like he did for the tattoo boys at Ohio State. Also, this spring, Delany took a shot at Alabama and said, “I don’t have a lot of regard for that team. I certainly wouldn’t have as much regard for that team as I would for someone who played nine conference games in a tough conference and played a couple out-of-conference games on the road against really good opponents. If a poll doesn’t honor those teams and they’re conference champions, I do.” Something tells me that may come back to bite him this weekend. Anything to see his misery and I am cool with that.

Alabama 28 Michigan 14


Iowa vs. Northern Illinois

This reminds me of a game a few years back when Iowa State beat Iowa. Usually, when Iowa has no expectations, they do well, but that silly trend will end this year. At least I have prepared you for the stupid “Field of Nightmare” headlines that will follow after this one. On the plus side, Iowa may not lose a running back during the game.

NIU 17 Iowa 16
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