Taking Louis Freeh's Word

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Without comment, here are some facts on former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who conducted an investigation on Penn State dating from November to July:

From Bloomberg Businessweek

Bin Hammam’s Life Ban From Soccer Overturned by Sports Court

-Louis Freeh was asked to investigate an allegation that Bin Hammam bribed FIFA voters to support him during his campaign to become the president of FIFA. The allegations came in May of 2011.

-Freeh found Hamman to be guilty of the accusations and FIFA handed down a lifetime ban to the former head of Asian soccer.

-Just this month, the Court of Arbitration for Sport said there was “insufficient evidence” for soccer’s governing body to expel Hammam, saying “The CAS has upheld Mr. Bin Hammam’s appeal, annulled the decision rendered by the FIFA Appeal Committee and lifted the life ban imposed on Mr. Bin Hammam.”

-The CAS stated that “it is a situation of ‘case not proven’, coupled with concern that the FIFA investigation was not complete or comprehensive enough to fill the gaps in the record.” That investigation, again, was conducted by former head of the FBI, Louis Freeh.


From Business Insider

Penn State Investigator Louis Freeh Accused of Heading a Massive Cover-Up As Director of FBI

-The FBI and Department of Justice launched a campaign in the 90’s, headed by Louis Freeh and Janet Reno, to investigate flawed, forensic evidence that could have convicted innocent people.

-“After nine years of working in secret, the unit neither published its reviews of specific cases nor informed potentially innocent defendants or their attorneys.”

-Ex FBI Agent C. Fred Whitehurst: “While I was reporting issues at the FBI crime lab, FBI Director Louis Freeh was doing every thing he could to shut me down including coming at me with proposed criminal charges, referrals for fitness for duty (psych evals), destroying my career, moving me around the lab like a rag doll, ruining my wife’s career…”

-The FBI and Dept. of Justice has re-opened the investigation of those same cases that may have involved flawed evidence as well as the initial task force headed by Freeh and Reno.


From The American Free Press

This was essentially a smear piece on Freeh, but some quotes are worth noting.

-Charles R. Smith of Newsmax in 2002: “FBI Director Louis Freeh oversaw the longest run of FBI public disasters in its entire history.” Smith further explained how Freeh’s compromised role ate away at the very core of this bureau, altering it “from a federal law enforcement agency into a political joke.”

-Howard Gleckman of Business Week: , “[Freeh] has overseen a bureau that has bungled investigations of high-profile criminal cases and repeatedly misled probers and judges in legal procedures.”

-In the 1995 OKC bombing, it was Louis Freeh’s FBI that immediately and intentionally confiscated every videotape from the Alfred P. Murrah federal building after explosions partially destroyed the structure. To this day, they’ve refused to release this crucial evidence that would show who precisely exited the Ryder truck that morning which was parked in front of the building. The most fundamental piece of evidence in this case has been concealed since 1995.


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