Signs Pointing Toward Silas Redd Staying At Penn State, Rather Than Transferring to USC

Late Saturday night, reported that the coaches were 100% sure Redd was coming back to Penn State. Fast forward about 20 hours and the story has finally been confirmed…by

“That is what the coaches are saying,” the source said. “I am confident Redd will stay at Penn State now.”

It seems strange that no other source is reporting this information, as there are local guys at many of the media outlets who have coaches as “sources.” It seems like the news would be bigger, if true. That’s not to call anybody a liar…but just that the information is big enough that maybe we should wait for a confirmation from a second source before popping the champagne.

One reason to believe the report is that USC received its 18th and final verbal commitment of the 2013 class. That puts them at the limit they are riding at due to NCAA sanctions of their own.

However, there is a loophole. Trenise Ferreira of tells me that incoming 2012 freshman recruit Darreus Rodgers has not been academically cleared by the NCAA. If he is not cleared, Redd could count against last years class and would still be eligible to join the team. I’m not sure what the fate of Rodgers would be if he was then cleared to play at a later date. There could be something in there that would cause Redd to leave after his junior year to meet the limit. I’m struggling a bit to keep up with the moving parts surrounding other schools and their recruitment of Penn State players.

Regardless of the rules, it looks like the story of Redd and his possible transfer to USC is not completely over just yet. I would expect to know something final in the coming days.

UPDATE 7/30: Redd reportedly won’t make a decision today. Link Here

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  • PSU77SWO

    “That puts them at the limit they are riding at due to NCAA sanctions of their own.”
    Unfortunately, there’s a little “fact” that gets in the way of this: the NCAA permitted schools to go over their allotment as long as they reduce NEXT YEAR’s scholarships by a corresponduing number. I’m assuming that applies even to USC. But therein is revealed the NCAA’s hypocricy. You would think that they would prohibit schools that are ALREADY ON PROBATION TEMSELVES from being able jump on the gravy train.

    • Sportsgirl10

      They are prohibiting schools already on probation to go over the limit. They aren’t allowed to. That was part of it. It says that on the article too. But if they want him bad enough they will just get someone to pay him or an academic scholarship. They r good at that.

  • pajabroni

    Theschoolphilly isnt a reputable source, hence why no one else reported it