Penn State Recruiting Update: Sanctioned Edition

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The sanctions laid on Penn State by the NCAA, or rather the NCAA president, shook things up in the Penn State recruiting world. Here are a couple quick snippets.

By the way, this situation is VERY fluid and this will likely be wrong very soon.

Christian Hackenberg is planning on visiting Penn State between now and August 7th, when his high school begins practicing. He wants to sit down with the coaches and discuss some things. I think he really wants to stay at Penn State, but he is staying pretty tight-lipped right now.

Adam Breneman appears to be remaining a Nittany Lion. Personally, I think his decision will be dictated slightly by Hackenberg. If Christian decides that he is 100% committed, I feel like you can pen Breneman in, as well. If Hackenberg pulls out, I believe that lessens the odds of keeping Breneman at least slightly. Having said that, if Adam remains committed to Penn State, he hopes to enroll early and recover enough from his ACL tear to play in the 2013 Spring game.

For the record, both players have said that they are still committed to Penn State, but it feels like “for now” is the asterisk at the end.

OT Dorian Johnson is in a similar boat. He remains committed, but seems to be mulling it over.

Two players who are not mulling anything over are DE Garrett Sickels and OG Brendan Mahon. They would sign their letters of intent right now, if the option presented itself.

Florida DB Neiko Robinson recently camped at FSU but stated that he was still firmly committed to PSU. Since the sanctions, he has also added a “for now.”

Ross Douglas visited Nebraska over the weekend, scheduled visits to Michigan, ND and Wisconsin for next weekend, decommitted from Penn State on Monday morning, then committed to Michigan on Tuesday. Michigan likely has just one more scholarship available for the class that will sign in February. It’s a unique position, as they will need to maintain relationships with some players who they don’t have room for, just in case… Also, it will let them spend a lot of time recruiting for next year’s class.

Clairton, PA WR Tyler Boyd has all but eliminated PSU. Maybe if Hackenberg stays on, there’s a chance, but it doesn’t sound good. Sounds like Notre Dame is recruiting him pretty hard. Also heard UCLA may offer, which could be pointless as he grew up a USC fan. Have to think West Virginia is now in the driver’s seat. Pitt may have a shot. PSU has to be considered a long shot at this point.

A source told me that RB David Williams had it pretty much narrowed down to South Carolina, Wisconsin and Penn State, but that was before sanctions. Doesn’t look good now, although he was more positive than Boyd.

Al-Rasheed Benton’s coach did an interview recently, in which he said that Penn State was the clear favorite for the New Jersey linebacker. He also stated that Benton keeps a list of the Pros and Cons for each school and that “Penn State has no cons.” That was pre-sanctions. 

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