Guest Author: No Death Penalty For Penn State

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By Shiloh Winder
Los Angeles, Calif.

During the past week, the sports media landscape has been filled with calls for the NCAA to involve itself in the Jerry Sandusky scandal and hand Penn State football the Death Penalty. The Logic being, child rape is worse than a tailback getting free rent, therefore, if the NCAA is punishing Ohio State for free tattoos, it’s a given they should punish Penn State for the far more serious crimes that happened in State College.

NCAA enforcements are designed (poorly) to deal with NCAA violations. While it does appear that the Freeh report does reveal a cover-up similar to those the NCAA typically punishes under the blanket term, “lack of institutional control”, the punishments for such things tend to be in proportion to the violation of NCAA bylaws that the cover-up concealed.

Look the other way while agents pay your players, get a bowl ban. Cover up a bunch of free tattoos; lose your postseason and a bunch of scholarships. Rape at least 10 kids over the course of 15 years…


What could the NCAA possibly do that wouldn’t make a mockery of the crimes themselves? Close down the University? Turn State College into a nuclear weapon testing area? The fact is, there is nothing within the authority of the NCAA, not even the “Death Penalty”, that would be proportionate to the crimes committed. 

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