Five Reasons the Freeh Report Is Crucial

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Thursday at 9:00 a.m. the Freeh Report, a detailed description of apparently everything that has happened in the last decade at Penn State, will be revealed to the country.

Penn Staters everywhere will watch with eyes and ears wide open, hoping to find the truth and some sense of closure. Only problem is, that truth may not be the truth that Nittany Nation is looking for.

Here are five things that may be potentially affected forever by the news on Thursday morning, in no particular order.


It may seem far-fetched that the Joe Paterno statue, which served as a shrine back in January, is in danger. Depending how the Freeh Report colors the legendary coach and his involvement in the apparent cover up of child molestation, the public may call for the statue’s head. That public may very well include Penn Staters.
Imagine for a second what gameday would be like without hundreds of people lining up to take their picture with that statue.

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