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Let me just say this, I like college football and GASP, I actually prefer the games that Penn State wins. Evil Bill and Penn State fans are villains! Any statement like that seems to indicate you are an evil person and your drink of choice must be blue and white Kool-Aid. Many people apologized again and again for the sins of another man. I’m not trying to minimize anything that the victims are going through and that’s sad and tragic. I truly hope the victims can find some peace in life and find something that can make them happy. Unfortunately, that is all I can really offer right now since I am neither trained to help and have no personal experience that can assist.  I hope they get any assistance they may need and believe the people of Penn State will continue to do whatever they can to assist.  However, no matter what we say or do, it will never be enough for the masses. That is why Evil Bill is done. Penn State was charged, tried and convicted in the court of public opinion the week of November 5th. The verdict of public perception came back as guilty and will never change. The media is far from done calling for Penn State’s head and now everyone left behind must pay. Revenge trumps justice in this case now so let’s make Penn State pay.  The good folks at JoePasDoghouse.com decided it was time to fight back.  This was a welcomed post and that is where I am now. Screw this, Evil Bill is doing it his way.

Penn State can raise all the money through RAINN they want, it won’t be enough. Penn State students can raise $10 million at THON and it won’t be enough. Enrollment can be up, but that is just a coincidence, that has nothing to do with people actually having pride in this “tarnished” University. The Almuni Assocation membership is up so pass the Kool Aid. They want you to go away, they want to see Penn State crumble based on these wrongdoings. They want to point and say, “See, I knew they weren’t perfect.” Anything short of inventing a time machine and going back to make sure charges were pressed in 1998 or the cops were called in 2001, then forget it, you have the scarlet letter and you are a kool aid drinker. Please note, I use the term they loosely here to describe some people, but tis the season to use generalities and blanket statements and here I am using them.  So now is the time to take control of the narrative. If not, well, bottoms up on the Kool-Aid baby!

Just remember, Coach Paterno spent his entire professional life building a football program that was universally respected. It was “the right way” and in an instance on November 5, 2011, it was over. Coach Paterno was vilified and the football program was considered renegade and that Penn State officials harbored and evil man and even enabled him. Gone, POOF! Don’t tell anyone Joe Paterno was a good man, don’t you freaking dare. That will make you a certified lunatic who cannot separate reality from your little bubble of a town in the Center of PA. After the CNN report, if you defend Coach Paterno, well, you are officially certifiable now. No turning back, you are a LOON!!! Like always, the only opinion about Penn State or Coach Paterno that matters is our own, because frankly, I could care less what some half wit loser with scattered facts from another school thinks of JoePa, or Evil Bill for that matter. They don’t matter, they never will and to be honest, they never did.

As the trial began, a big deal was made that the jury had Penn State ties. It was made out that the jury would have pom poms and would be chanting DE-FENSE throughout the trial as Joe Amendola spoke. People were certain that the jury would acquit a man because of a football team and program. That Friday night, as the verdict came down and it was an overwhelming guilty charge, the backtracking began. A Pittsburgh radio personality, Jon Burton (@jonburton32, formerly of 93.7 The Fan) took to twitter and wrote, “Put that man away #Sanudsky Good Job by the jury for not drinking the Penn State Kool-Aid and making the right decision”. Such is the state of Penn State right now, whatever we do, good, bad, or neutral, people will hate us for it so again, I ask, why should we care. You’re either with us, or you’re against us.


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