VBR 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Hate Edition

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With the 1st pick in the VBR 2012 NFL Mock Draft... photo by Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Victory Bell Rings 2012 Mock Draft.

Before the Pre-Combine Mock Draft, I was an optimistic Browns fan, expecting a big off-season. Now… Well, THAT isn’t happening.

(Previous Mock Draft predictions are in parenthesis.)

With the 1st pick in the Victory Bell Rings 2012 Mock Draft…


1. Indianapolis Colts
QB Andrew Luck, Stanford  (Andrew Luck)

Peyton Manning gets drafted by the worst franchise in the NFL. He rewards them by winning 10+ games for a decade and bringing a ring to the city. His success allows them to build a beautiful new stadium where they are now holding the Big Ten Championship games and hosted the last Super Bowl. Then, they cut him.

2. Washington Redskins
QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor  (Ryan Tannehill)

Dan Snyder and the Skins traded their next 3 1st round picks along with a 2nd round pick and Dan Snyder’s next born child for the rights to let Mike Shanahan ruin Griffin. Then they went out and snagged Josh Morgan to be the excuse for why RG3 isn’t any good. Genius!


3. Minnesota Vikings
OT Matt Kalil, USC  (Matt Kalil)

With all the movement around the Vikings, they’re content to stay put and select the closest thing to a sure thing in this draft.


4. Cleveland Browns
… (Griffin III)

Terrified to take anything resembling a chance, the Browns attempt to draft Matt Kalil just moments after the Vikings take him. Since the only good pick they’ve had in the last decade was LT Joe Thomas, they only feel confident drafting a player at THAT position.


5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

RB Trent Richardson, Alabama  (Morris Claiborne)

While the Browns scramble to find out if there are two Matt Kalils in the draft, the Bucs make a big move and take the best RB in the draft. They don’t need a running back, but the more players in that backfield who are NOT Josh Freeman, the better they can sleep at night.

The Browns jump in to draft Joe Thomas, only to be shot down again.

6. St. Louis Rams
WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State  (Justin Blackmon)

The rams trade down 4 spots, get the Skins future everything and still get their guy while the Browns are busy peeing on themselves. Well done, Jeff Fisher.


7. Jacksonville Jaguars
OT Riley Reiff, Iowa  (Riley Reiff)

I’m not as sure here as I was before. The Jags made a run at Tim Tebow, after drafting their “franchise QB” just a year ago. Fortunately for Gabbert, Jax wasn’t willing to give up the ever-so-valuable 4th round pick for his replacement, so they may protect him with this pick…or they may be hoping he gets hurt.

The Browns call St Louis, interested in trading down to the 6th pick…


8. Carolina Panthers
CB Morris Claiborne, LSU  (Michael Floyd)

I said that Cam Newton was going to be the biggest bust ever and I appear to have been wrong. I’ll let the Panthers off the hook here and eat some crow. The Panthers are thrilled to get a top 5 talent at 8 and decide to move offensive weapons to the back-burner.


9. Miami Dolphins
QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M (Quinton Coples)

With Jeff Ireland scaring away every other QB possibility and Tannehill’s stock rising, Miami does the predictable and reaches for the guy who was playing WR just 2 years ago. Luckily they have an elite WR in Brandon Marshall to help show him the… oh… that’s right, they traded him.


10. Buffalo Bills
CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama  (Courtney Upshaw)

Buffalo tricked Mario Williams into moving to there for $100,000,000. He’s gullible. That’s a lot of money, but he’s elite and at least they weren’t afraid to make a move. They have some options here but in a division with Tom Brady, DBs are always useful.

The Browns join the draft and select RT Mike Adams from Ohio State, releasing a statement later that “It’s insane to take a right tackle in the top 5 picks…” 


11. Kansas City Chiefs
NT Dontari Poe, Memphis  (Mike Adams)

The Chiefs have a lot of offensive talent returning from injury this year and signed running back, turned crazy-man Peyton Hillis. Poe had a big combine and raised his stock and is enormous enough to play nose tackle or take down Hillis when he goes postal.


12. Seattle Seahawks
OG David DeCastro, Stanford  (Dre Kirkpatrick)

The Seahawks were the high bidder for QB Matt Flynn and had a pretty solid defense last year. DeCastro will help initiate Beast Mode and protect the new semi-franchise QB.


13. Arizona Cardinals
DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina  (Melvin Ingram)

Nothing much has changed for Arizona. They’ll make the same pick I predicted 6 weeks ago and will draft in the top 15 again 11 months from now. The more things change…


14. Dallas Cowboys
S Mark Barron, Alabama  (Luke Kuechly)

The Cowboys went out and got another Penn State LB to join Sean Lee in Dan Connor and will look to fill a different void. Since courage for their QB isn’t available, they’ll grab a DB. Not a terrible idea with RG3, Eli and Vick in the division.


15. Philadelphia Eagles
DT Devon Still, Penn State  (Devon Still)

I really think Devon could go much higher than this, I just don’t know if there’s a spot. I also think the Eagles could take LB Luke Kuechly here, but I’m not dropping Devon Still any farther than 15.


16. New York Jets
DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama (Trent Richardson)

Let’s be honest, who cares! I just can’t wait until the Jet fans turn on Mark Sanchez and start pretending that Tim Tebow is a quality QB. This is going to get fun by mid-September, at the latest. What a terrible move.


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