Q&A with Adam Breneman, the newest Nittany Lion

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I wanted to let the dust settle a bit before locking down a post-commitment interview with the newest Penn State commit, Adam Breneman. On Tuesday night I got a chance to ask him questions that didn’t involve stock answers about liking everyone the same amount. It was a relief to me, and he clearly has his own reasons to be relieved.

So when did you know it was Penn State? 

Coming off my visit (Feb 17) I was higher on Penn State than I had been on any other school during the process. I talked with my family and coaches and decided that I still wanted to visit Ohio State. I had a great visit with the coaches and I have total respect for Coach Meyer, but when I came home I still felt Penn State was alone at the top. I discussed it with my coach and parents again and that’s when we decided to set the announcement. Honestly, when we set the announcement date, I was 90% sure it was Penn State.

When did you tell the head coaches?  

I was pretty sure when I set the announcement, but I didn’t want to tell Coach O’Brien and risk a change of heart. The worst thing to do would have been to falsely commit. I called Coach O’Brien about 3 days before the announcement and told him. Up until then, I don’t think he really had any idea. I also called him the day of the event just to talk to him and make sure he knew what was going on. I didn’t want to tell him that I was 100% Penn State until I knew I was 100% Penn State. I don’t want to be one of those kids that commits and decommits 3 times. I wanted to make a decision and know that it was right.

What about the other coaches? Did you tell Coaches Edsall, Meyer and Kelly in advance?

No I didn’t. I haven’t talked to the other head coaches but I was able to talk to the assistants and let them know. Honestly, I have a great amount of respect for those guys. I was able to build strong relationships with three great coaches and I felt bad about not choosing them, but in the end it was clear that Penn State was the best fit for me.

Was there a “2nd place” school?

I’ve been asked that a few times, and it’s tough to say. Each school seriously has a lot to offer in their own way. They’re all different, but it’s hard to say that one was a better fit than the other.

I didn’t get to hear it, so let me know if I’m misquoting you, but did you say in a recent radio interview that the previous staff did not have Penn State in the lead for your services? Can you elaborate?

I mean absolutely no disrespect to the previous staff. I grew up a fan of Penn State and Coach Paterno is a legend. I just didn’t think that the previous system was a great fit, athletically, offensively. There haven’t been a lot of tight ends utilized in the Penn State offense recently and it was important to me to go somewhere that I can become the best football player I can be. The addition of Bill O’Brien and his accomplishments obviously changed some things in that aspect.

It seems like there is a new vibe with the current coaching staff, aside from the offensive strategy. Do you guys as recruits notice that?

Definitely. Sometimes change can be good. Having been recruited by both staffs, there is a new energy with O’Brien, Butler, Fitzgerald and those guys.


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