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Adam Breneman: "Blessed and Focused"

There are some days when it seems that you can’t scroll through 10 tweets without seeing an “Adam Breneman update.” I’ve been in contact with the 16 year old for some time now, but had yet to type his name due (largely) to just that. This isn’t a knock on anyone else -this is what recruiting has become- but I often felt like asking for an update when there were two of them published in the last hour was both pointless and bothersome. I’m fairly new to this industry and I have yet to become comfortable with contacting these kids on a regular basis, interrupting their daily lives, to relay information to the fans. There’s a fine line between reporting and bugging, and I’m worried about being on the wrong side of that line. That’s why I was partially relieved to wake up from an afternoon nap to a voicemail Adam’s father on Wednesday.

My number was probably one of 20 numbers that Mr. Breneman dialed that day. He said that in order to allow Adam more time to focus on his academics and daily life, he (Brian Breneman) was taking over some of the communication aspects of the recruitment for his son. If I had to guess, I’d say that Mr. Breneman noticed the same constant updates as I did, but from a father’s perspective. Then, he decided his son should get a little more time to be a kid. Well done, Brian.

I didn’t return the call, partly because he didn’t ask me to, and partly because StateCollege.com had already updated his recruitment a few hours earlier. After hearing my message, I realized that Ben Jones’ update was likely the product of a similar call, as he mentioned speaking to Adam’s father.

My communication with Adam has been nothing short of impressive. I can remember being a 16 year old high school junior, but I’m positive that I wasn’t as humble, as well-spoken or as level-headed as the young Breneman appears to be. The recent decision made by his father, is an indication that Adam isn’t the only Breneman seeing things clearly.

“At this time, the process is really taking off and while it’s very exciting, it can also be very stressful. Right now, I’m trying to remain focused on what’s really important in life and continue to strive for excellence everyday. This situation is a huge blessing and I am doing everything I can to make the most of it and not get overwhelmed by it.”  ~Adam Breneman


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