Penn State Recruiting: Best and Worst Case Scenarios

With the loss of LB Cam Williams yesterday, the Penn State 2012 class took a pretty big hit. Williams was one of 5 4 star players in the class, which now consists of only two solid 4 star commits.

What realistically happens from here?

There are several uncommitted players visiting right now, with some commitments expected.

With less than two weeks left until signing day and just one weekend left for official visits, can the class get better?

Can it get worse…?

According to 247 SPorts, this is Penn State’s current class:

(# notes soft commit)

#Armani Reeves CB———– ****
Jamil Pollard OG/DT———- ****
Eugene Lewis WR————– ****
Brent Wilkerson TE/DE——- ****
Nyeem Wartman OLB———- ***
Brian Gaia OG——————– ***
Austin Johnson DT————- ***
Derek Dowrey DT————— ***
Jesse James TE—————— *** (enrolled at Penn State)
Anthony Stanko OG———— ***
#Skyler Mornhinweg QB——- ***
Jordan Lucas S—————— ***
Malik Golden Ath————— ***
Jake Kiley CB——————– **

At this point, the worst case scenario (hopefully) would be Reeves leaving for OSU and Mornhinweg leaving for Florida, or elsewhere. That would leave Penn State with a class of 12 players, including just three 4 star athletes.

Visiting right now are
Akeel Lynch RB ****
DaQuan Davis CB ***
Trevor Williams WR ***
Wendy Laurent OG ***
Steven Bench QB ***
Johnathan Warner WR **
It’s not realistic that we sign all of these players. However, I do know that we are getting at least one and I feel confident about a couple others.
Also, add in that Demetrious Cox is still undecided. At this point, chances are he picks OSU (because everybody else has) but for this scencario, let’s say he chooses PSU.
Best case scenario:
Armani Reeves takes his trip to Penn State next weekend and decides to honor his commitment.
Skyler Mornhinweg hates the Florida humidity and re-pledges to PSU.
Add **** S Demetrious Cox.
Get commitments this week from:
Akeel Lynch
Wendy Laurent
Johnathan Warner
DaQuan Davis
Trevor Williams
Then pick up *** DE Evan Schwann when LJ visits him Sunday evening.
Here would be our revised class:
Armani Reeves CB———— ****
Jamil Pollard OG/DT——— ****
Eugene Lewis WR————- ****
Akeel Lynch RB————— ****
Brent Wilkerson TE/DE—— ****
Demetrious Cox S———— ****
Nyeem Wartman OLB——— ***
DaQuan Davis CB————– ***
Brian Gaia OG—————— ***
Austin Johnson DT———– ***
Derek Dowrey DT————- ***
Evan Schwan DE————– ***
Jesse James TE—————- ***
Trevor Williams WR———– ***
Wendy Laurent OG———– ***
Anthony Stanko OG———– ***
Skyler Mornhinweg QB——– ***
Jordan Lucas S—————– ***
Malik Golden Ath————– ***
Jake Kiley CB——————– **
Johnathan Warner WR——— **

That would make a class of 21, with 6 4 star players. That class would probably be ranked around 20, if not a bit higher. Not too bad, considering ALL of the circumstances.
There are several other scenarios that could take place, as Penn State has thrown out quite a few offers over the last week, but some are pipe dreams, and some are just too late.
Realistically, we will land somewhere in the middle of these 2, but let’s hope for the best!

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