Bigger Than Sports: Lending A Hand To Bama

As of 10:45 PM on 4/28 we’ve raised $1,305 keep it coming and a big thank you.

**Due to a overwhelming response of donations we’re only going to keep the pay pal account open through the weekend, or possible sooner. After that time we’ll direct the links towards donations sites so you can continue to send money. It is not VBR’s desire to deal with over a $1,000 in donations and with the various strings that come attached with that. We thank you for your immense generosity and urge you to continue to donate while our specific drive is open**

Last year when Penn State and Alabama met up in sunny Tuscaloosa, Alabama fans went out of their way time and time again to make Penn State fans feel at home and part of a tradition and rivalry bigger than the game. Over the past 24 hours, Tuscaloosa has been ravaged by storms and more specifically a tornado that has left Tuscaloosa and many other cities in Alabama in shambles. From miles and miles away there is only so much we can do, but the Penn State blog community (Black Shoe Diaries, Nittany Whiteout, JoePa’s Doghouse  and Linebacker U) has decided to come together and do their part. While sports may divide us on the weekend, this is a chance to extend a hand and repay a fanbase that has been more than gratious to us. At the end of the day, our humanity is more important than our Alma mater.

Roll Tide

If you feel so inclined you can send a donation to a pay pal account set up to collect donations. You can donate here with the email address of  [email protected] (click send money)


Are you stealing my money?: No, I’ll post screen shots of the donation as it happens as well as confirmation messages.

Where is the money going?: Red Cross in the Mid Alabama Region

**Update**It has been brought to my attention that someone making a large donation may request a receipt so they can claim the donation on their taxes. Not being a 501c organization, I’m unable to do that. If you’d like to donate to something that would enable you to do so, you can donate to the link above on your own outside of this drive. It is more important that they give the money than who gives it.

If for some reason you’d like a little more proof…and considering today’s internet I don’t blame you here is a testimonial of sorts. This comes from Tim over at Linebacker U:

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Jeff Turner

    Thank you very much for your help. Penn State fans have always been full of class! Roll Tide! Jeff

  • FFletcher

    I am deeply touched by your thoughtfulness, generosity, and good will! KUDOS, my friend! God bless you and fellow fans.

  • Allen

    Class – it’s times like these that really put sports into perspective… Thanks and God bless y’all and everybody touched by these storms/tornado’s

  • M

    This is why I’m so proud to be a PSU alum — you guys are awesome for doing this. Off to make my donation!

  • rollt1de

    I loved attending the games in Happy Valley in the 80s – PSU fans were equally welcoming. And I love PSU for doing this for all of the tornado victims in Tuscaloosa. I am looking forward to seeing all of you on 9/10/11. Roll Tide Roll and Go PSU!

  • Jeremy Vice

    Have always thought of you guys as a class act! A huge thank you from Hoover (Birmingham). Utter devastation all around us. As important as the donations are, please pray for many who have lost all family members, homes, etc. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the fall. God bless!

  • timh

    I have always considered PSU to be a Classy and quality program and this just proves it once again. Alabama is my home and my school and we value the relationship with your school and fans. Our rivalry brings out the best in us and we respect your program and fans to the highest degree. Thanks for your support in this difficult time.

  • JPM

    Thank you so much Penn State fans!

  • Bobby George

    It’s been a crazy day. A very close friend lost his house. He and his family are all in good health, which is all that really matters. This is a wonderful gesture and shows a tremendous amount of class. It really speaks volumes about the mutual respect our great institutions have for one another. I hope your future is filled with many Rose Bowls.

  • STL

    Nice work gents, money sent.

    Good luck to my Bama peeps during the recovery.

    God Bless…Roll Tide


  • Rueben

    I have told people of the trips to Legion Field in Birmingham to Bama v/s PSU play. I have told people of how, even as a little boy, I could tell PSU fans were classy, and how fun they were to be around. Some things never change. A sincere thank you, form the bottom of my heart.

    God Bless You,

  • Michael

    Penn State, you are in a class all your own.

    Thank you and Roll Tide.

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  • Grey Thompson

    I wish we could play Penn State every year. The school, the program, and the entire culture is exceptional. This is another great example of PSU’s motivational core culture. Roll Tide, and thanks for the support.

  • Andrew

    Sent something your way.

  • Tom Mertz

    I was in Tuscaloosa last September for USAT Age Group Nationals, and couldn’t believe how beautiful a campus the University of Alabama is. I remember going to see PSU-Alabama in the 80′s and was thrilled to see the matchup return. I hope our friends down south recover from this.

    ROLL TIDE, and WE ARE!!

  • Brent

    Thank you Penn State fans. You guys are great.

  • Dbamafan

    Thank you all, Nittany Lion fans… Coach Bryant used to say that there are only two kinds of class – first and none… As many have already said, you guys are first class all the way. Bama fans have always held deep respect for PSU. Your actions here are greatly appreciated… Roll Tide and Go Lions!

  • Shawn

    This buckeye is proud to join the nittany lions in their efforts to possibly make someones tragedy just a tiny bit better. Prayers to everyone effected by these storms in the south!

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  • Thomas Erwin

    Very classy and thoughtful, Penn State! I have always had an immense amount of respect for your football program, legendary coach and fine football fanbase. We look forward to the game with you this September. Roll Tide and thank you!

  • Bruce Milligan

    Thanks for your camaraderie and compassion, Penn State, from a former Tuscaloosa resident and Bama alum. The beer’s on me when we come up for the game in September! I love the rivalry, but love it even more when sports fans cross the field and join hands in a time of need. You guys are a class act.

  • Stephen

    Very much appreciated and shows the class of our PSU friends.

    Thank you,

    Stephen -Birmingham, AL

  • Jimbo

    Typical Penn State. God, I love them. Roll Tide & WE ARE!!!

  • TFC Bama

    As an Alabama graduate, I want to thank you for your kind gesture. You have no idea how much it means. Our communities are still in shock but we will recover. Please keep us in your daily prayers.

    We will be making the trip up to State College this fall and can’t wait to be a part of the Nittany Lion experience. Go Lions and Roll Tide!

  • psu revo

    I have heard countless stories on how the Bama fan base treated our fans with nothing but class and the utmost respect last season, my thoughts and prayers go out to all that suffered during this horrific tragedy.

  • state08


    I am not sure if you are a student or if you have a job, but many employers will match donations. I just figured it might be worth checking out since technically all donations will end up going through 1 person.

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