Talor Battle Portsmouth Invitational Update

People who have checked the site over the past few days may have been surprised to see Talor Battle’s play critiqued in such harsh terms. Certainly Battle has chucked up a few unwise shots in his day but a respected basketball analyst like Ryan Feldman saying that Battle “Doesn’t get it” seems a little too extreme.

Without any eyes of our own on the ground we’ve had to rely on stats, twitter, and NBA news sources for information regarding Battle’s performance. Thankfully the Daily Press caught up with Ryan Blake, director of NBA scouting and he had a different take on how Talor Battle’s week has gone so far.

“I just wanted to come. There’s not that many opportunities, especially with the lockout looming. I just wanted to come out here and play well,” said Battle, who totaled 25 points in Norfolk Sports Club’s first two games. Battle wants scouts to see “how I play — the willingness to go in there with the big guys and make plays, make plays for other guys, and run my team,” and his wish seems to be coming true. “I like the way he runs a team,” Blake said. “I know there are concerns about his size, but he plays bigger and smarter.”

While Blake wasn’t suggesting that Battle should get ready to be the #1 pick, it’s nice to see what we already new about our favorite player from Albany. He’s smart, can play well, and has a lot of heart. So far Battle has held his own against plenty of top talent averaging around 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists a game, in about 27 minutes of play. For Battle, this weekend is about consistency and showing an all-around game. If anything, he has shown that he can play with the big names in college hoops and still put up the numbers you would have expected from him.

Battle plays in his final game at he PIT this afternoon at 2:00 against some quality guards including DJ Gay, Andrew Goudelock, and Jeremiah Rivers.

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