Lane Violation Call: Good Call Or Bad Call?


Here are the rules, and a professional take on the incident. What do you think?

Section 1. Positions During Attempt
-Art. 1. When a free throw is awarded, an official shall take the ball to the
free-throw line of the offended team.
-Art. 2. After allowing reasonable time  for players to take their positions,
the official shall put the ball in play by placing it at the disposal of the

Section 1. Free Throw
-Art. 2. After the ball is placed at the disposal of a free-thrower:
e. No player shall enter or leave a marked lane space.

Jay Bilas’ reaction after the jump

So what do you think? Good call, bad call?

  • ckmneon

    It was a bad call. The ball is not at the disposal of the free throw shooter until it is in his hands, or at the very least, past the free throw line. Before the ball has passed the free throw line, the shooter can’t get it, therefore it is not yet placed at his disposal. When the ref released the ball, Jones was in one of the marked lane spaces. When the ball crossed the free throw line, he was not. He never once changed that status during the time the ball was at Battle’s disposal, therefore, it was a bad call.

    I’ve been a ref for a few years. I have made that call, but only after a player changes his position after the shooter has obtained the ball. I’d grant that letter of the law, it could be made after the ball has crossed the plane of the free throw line, but certainly not before that.

    Letter of the law, it was the wrong call, and it could’ve cost PSU the game.